Amid pandemic, EZHire creates a safe haven for job seekers, employers

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced billions of people to suddenly make dramatic changes in their daily lives — changes they never dreamed would happen: Stay at home, wear masks if you must go out, keep people six feet away, don’t gather in groups. Billions have accepted these burdens.  It is, they believe, a question of survival.

Like it or not, businesses are confronting the same harsh new reality.  Within a few months, a booming economy has collapsed. Reluctant and frightened businesses have felt forced to give up longstanding ways of doing business.  It is a question of survival.

As fear of the coronavirus sweeps around the world, nearly 40 million Americans have been thrown out of work. Tens of thousands of businesses have closed indefinitely, some of them forever. Some companies may be tempted to sit back, try to do business as usual, and hope the economy will soon return to “normal.” It won’t.  We face a new normal.

Other businesses realize a seismic shift has created a new economic landscape. They don’t like it but they are shifting into high gear to search for innovative ways to cope with the reality of an economy driven, not by a business cycle but by fear of a strange new virus. Energetic, creative companies will survive and thrive. Businesses that do nothing will wither and die.

EZHire offers a key answer to solving the puzzle of the new economy. Amid the news of business closings and massive job losses, it is easy to assume that hiring has ground to a halt. It has not. While restaurants and retailers aren’t recruiting, other industries, led by tech firms, are hiring, and many of their openings are for well-paid skilled jobs.

These businesses are sailing against the wind. They are searching for new hires while struggling to cope with government pandemic directives that sharply limit person-to-person contact “How can we make good hires without meeting applicants?” they ask.

EZHire’s video interviews answer that question. The EZHire digital interview platform helps employers and recruiters speed smoothly into the post-pandemic world of social distancing, remote workplaces, virtual meetings, video streaming and government shelter-in-place orders.

EZHire isn’t a patchwork solution hurriedly slapped together in a crisis mode by amateurs. It is a sophisticated, comprehensive hiring processes developed over years. We are longtime specialists in imagining the “unimaginable.” It’s what we do.

At the heart of EZHire is the one-way video interview. Employers prepare a list of questions. Prospective hires go online, click on a link, and answer the questions. Responses are recorded on video. Neither employers nor applicants worry about spreading the virus across the table. There is no table. No need to observe social distancing.   Employers are spared the cost of airfare and wasting time on no-shows. Applicants need not worry about getting infected on a plane. Instead of huddling in a meeting room, recruiters digitally share the applicant’s responses with company officials.

Eventually, of course, new hire and employer move out of the virtual and into the real world— but only after EZHire has safely cleared the way.

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