Why EZHire

Businesses of all types and sizes benefit from EZHire

Foster Diversity

Great talent is often overlooked through traditional screening processes. Quick scans focus on qualifications based on resume content alone without tapping into individual talent beyond the written word. Interviewing a larger pool of candidates increases the opportunity to obtain a diverse candidate pool resulting in high-quality candidates from all backgrounds. Using consistent, structured interviews and assessments enables a fair evaluation of candidates, inclusive decision making and optimal hiring outcomes.

Customized Solutions

At EZHire, we realize that one size does not fit all, and our mission is to provide solutions that best meet your company-specific business needs. From branding to interview content, professional screening and talent assessment, we partner with you with a laser focus on what means the most to your organization.

Exceptional Candidate Experience

Great talent can be challenging to find and even more challenging to retain. Delays in coordinating interviews due to calendar conflicts, communications issues or remote applicant travel requirements, discourage candidates and leave a negative impression. With the EZHire digital video interview platform, candidates can complete their interviews quickly, in alignment with their busy schedule leaving your recruiters and hiring managers the same flexibility to view and assess interviews. Using structured interview questions and standard assessment criteria ensures all candidates receive the same, unbiased consideration

Enterprise Security

Protecting our customers’ data and brand reputation is a top priority for EZHire. In today’s interconnected world, the importance of software security is more important than ever before. At EZHire, we maintain dedicated information security teams and technology to ensure optimal protection of your data and brand. We guarantee our platform adheres to the HTTPS and other security protocols. Our software follows all security standards.

Unmatched Customer Service

Dedicated Account Manager

Every customer is matched with an experienced member of our Customer Success team so you’ll have a direct point of contact.

Training on Best Practices

Your dedicated account manager will provide live training via screen-share so you learn how to use the platform along with best practices for success

24x7 Technical Support

Both you and candidates will have access to EZHire 24×7 technical support team

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