With digital video interviews, recruiting candidates has never been easier. EZHire one-way video interviewing offers the ultimate benefits in reduction in time to hire, efficiency, convenience, recruiter productivity, applicant experience and more. By enabling the candidate to self-record their responses to scripted questions, there is no longer the need for that initial phone screen. No more endless hours scanning resumes for keywords and other criteria that may or may not indicate a potential fit. Let our video interview platform do the legwork for you. Candidates benefit from the experience by offering them the flexibility to interview when most convenient for their schedule.

No PC, no problem. Candidates can record their digital video interviews on Android and iPhone mobile devices as well. Recruiters, hiring managers and other stakeholders can review and assess with ease on the platform of their choice.

Dramatically Reduce Your Time To Hire

With one-way digital interviews, candidates can apply and interview in the same day, at a time and place most convenient for their busy schedule. Recruiters and managers can evaluate candidates on their own time as well eliminating the need to coordinate calendars for a phone screen. Removing this time-consuming, administrative work upfront, allows recruiters and hiring managers to engage and interview the right candidates in a fraction of the time.

Exceptional Candidate Experience

Great talent can be challenging to find and even more challenging to retain. Delays in coordinating interviews due to calendar conflicts, communications issues or remote applicant travel requirements, discourage candidates and leave a negative impression. EZHire video interviews eliminate scheduling challenges and offer the candidate a convenient, innovative approach to provide a glimpse into their personality and highlight their skills.

Screen Applicants Efficiently

A typical phone screen can easily take 30 minutes or more, without taking into account the back-and-forth communications required for scheduling alone. One-way video interviews enable the recruiter and hiring manager to gain more insight on more candidates in far less time. Didn’t catch something the first time? Just replay as often as you wish. A typical video interview takes about 10 minutes to review.

Foster Diversity & Consistency In Candidate Selection Process

By eliminating traditional screening based on a resume alone, the interviewing process can be extended to a larger pool of applicants resulting in high-quality candidates from all backgrounds. Using the EZHire video interview platform levels the playing field for applicants offering the same, consistent interview experience for all. Using structured questions and recorded responses, ensures a true apples-to-apples comparison. By allowing more candidates to participate in the digital interview process, hiring decisions can be made based on potential instead of experience alone.

Improved Collaboration With Hiring Managers

Because all EZHire digital interviews are recorded, they can easily be shared with hiring managers and other stakeholders. By gaining feedback early in the process, decisions can be made quickly on advancement to the next phase, reducing the risk of losing valuable talent.

Video interview software is a highly effective tool to identify the best candidates for the position early in the hiring process. Invest your valuable time and resources only in candidates you’re confident you want to meet in-person.

Unmatched Customer Service

Dedicated Account Manager

Every customer is matched with an experienced member of our Customer Success team so you’ll have a direct point of contact.

Training on Best Practices

Your dedicated account manager will provide live training via screen-share so you learn how to use the platform along with best practices for success

24x7 Technical Support

Both you and candidates will have access to EZHire 24×7 technical support team

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