Top 10 Benefits of Digital Video Interviews

Video interviewing has grown in popularity dramatically over the past 5 years – over 60% of employers now use some form of digital interviewing in their recruitment process… and the number continues to grow.

What is driving this change?  Below is our list of the top 10 benefits of EZHire digital video interviews.

Video interviews give companies a consistent interview experience which puts all candidates on a level
playing field. The process begins in the traditional way, then quickly moves into a new world. Candidates
first fill out a job application and answer basic qualifying questions. You respond with an email inviting
them to participate in a video interview with your recorded questions.

  1. Optimize the candidate screening process with one-way digital video interviewing. It’s fast, flexible, effective, and affordable   You’re in control. Candidates can interview anywhere, any time and on almost any device. You review the video whenever you wish and share it with other decision-makers, colleagues or clients.
  2. Easy to Use features and customizable options allow you to focus on recruiting, not paperwork. EZHire offers the flexibility to cover a wide range of jobs and skill sets, and your dedicated account manager offers live screen-share training and helpful tutorials to ensure maximum value.
  3. Faster, Better Hires- Your recruiters spend less time on administrative chores, more time doing what they do best – evaluating talent. Resumes do not give a complete picture of candidates. When you meet face-to-face, some candidates are stronger than expected. Others are not. Seeing and hearing them on video at the start of the process lets you quickly skip beyond the resume to find the most promising candidates faster.
  4. Better Candidate Experience- Candidates like the one-way video format.  They interview anywhere, anytime – no scheduling challenges for them – or for you. They enjoy not only the flexibility but also the opportunity to showcase their skills and unique personality. The ability to review and re-record is an added bonus to ensure they put their best foot forward.
  5. Foster Diversity- By eliminating traditional screening based on a resume alone, the videos expand interviewing process to a larger pool of applicants. You find more high-quality candidates from all backgrounds.
  6. Customized Solutions- EZHire is not a recruiting cookie cutter. We know each of our customers is unique. Our Customizable Questions & Features provide solutions that best meet your specific business needs.  You can choose interview questions from our extensive database or create your own. You can also create structured interviews to ensure a comparable experience for all applicants. Add an introductory video for a personal touch.
  7. Save Time and Money- Our pricing options fit any budget, but they are only the beginning of your cost savings. Screening candidates by video allows you to efficiently narrow the number of quality prospects and reduce travel costs. Video interviews also help you avoid the costly mistake of the bad hire. You don’t need to adjust your day to match candidates’ schedules.  You assess and review video interviews at a time of your choosing – and as often as you wish.
  8. Interview Evaluation – Our built-in assessment feature enables scoring on individual questions and overall job-related, technical and soft skills. Add notes as well as you go. Guide your decision-making not only with assessments of current skills but with insights into future performance. 
  9. Review and compare candidates’ answers – With video interviews, you don’t rely on memories of an often-long line of candidates. You can review video interviews and compare candidates with one another.  Share the interviews with other stakeholders.
  10.  Analytics & Reports helps you gain valuable insights on how to attract the most talented candidates and how retain them. With EZHire you have an array of key information at your fingertips, including interview completion statistics, interviews per position, and other relevant data.


There are a great many benefits of video interviewing for employers and candidates alike which is why they have become so popular in recent years. EZHire offers digital interview solutions to employers of all sizes and sectors.

To learn more about EZHire’s Digital Video Interview platform and how it could benefit your recruitment process,  Contact us today for a free demo!visit this site

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