The More the Merrier: Tips for Successful Holiday Hiring

It’s that time again! The hustle and bustle of holiday shoppers fill the stores as festive music floats through the air. Packages and cards are being shipped across the globe, and families prepare their homes and hearts for holiday traditions.

This is the busiest time of the year for many businesses, which means it’s all-hands-on-deck to assure everything runs smoothly, and you can keep the holiday spirit alive from the first customer to the last. More often than not, that also means your everyday team isn’t enough to cover it, and seasonal help is a must. We have compiled a quick list of tips to make your hiring experience easier than ever this year.

  1. Hire for safety-compliance This is an important topic to discuss, but it must be asked and handled professionally, as it can be a touchy and controversial topic. With all of the safety measures in place to protect customers and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to hire someone that is compliant. If they are unwilling to wear a mask, maintain social distance, properly sanitize the workplace, and enforce the same on co-workers and customers, they’re probably not someone you want to bring on this year.
  2. Use long-term employee hire tactics Yes, there is a mutual understanding that seasonal work is temporary, but hiring someone that is very aware that their time with your company is over come January can be risky. Instead, hire someone that is excited about the job, fits your company culture, and brings the same energy of a long-term hire. This candidate will likely be much more engaged, productive and be the first that comes to mind if and when you have a regular position open up.
  3. Flexibility is crucial Many businesses are open longer hours, which means more shifts must be covered, as well as longer after-hours tasks such as cleaning, organizing, merchandising, and receiving shipment. Not to mention the risk of employees getting sick and having to be out for 2+ weeks is higher than ever this year. Seasonal employees must be prepared to be “all-hands-on-deck”, work odd hours, and jump in to help as needed. As the hiring manager, you should always ask about planned vacations/time off for the holiday season in the interview, as well as availability on weekends and holidays.
  4. Ask for referrals Some of the best candidates can come as referrals from your current employees. Ask your team if they have friends looking for some seasonal work this year. You may even consider offering a referral bonus if their hire meets expected sales goals, works an allotted number of shifts, or stays through the season (i.e., Their referred hire was an asset to the company, not just a friend to work with.)Hiring takes up a lot of your time that could otherwise be used, providing the best experience for your customers and interacting with your team this season. Take the work out of holiday hiring this year by using EZHire ’s digital video interview platform. Set up your questions online, send it to interested candidates, and you can be “interviewing” all day long.

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