How to Be a Successful Virtual Recruiter

Recruiters know that you can learn a lot from a person based on how they act before, during, and after an interview. How personable were they on the phone? How flexible was their schedule? What time did they show up? What were they wearing? How was their eye contact and handshake? Did they follow up afterward? There are an endless number of other traits and mannerisms that can be determined about a person during the interview process. So how do you get the same feel for a candidate through a one-way digital interview process?

EZHire’s digital video interview platform allows the recruiter to create the interview questions (text, multiple-choice, or video response), record a short introduction video for the candidate, and then the interview link gets sent to the candidate to perform at their convenience. Once completed, the recruiter reviews the submission and decides how to move forward with the candidate. Simple, convenient, and quick process, but how do you determine whether or not this person is right for the job through your computer screen?

The most important part of virtual interviewing is asking the right amount of good, solid questions. A good rule of thumb is to keep it to about 10 questions in your video interviews. Too many more, and you may lose candidates’ interest. Too few, and you won’t get a good feel for their skills, personality, and how they would fit in with your organization.

Once you have the 10 or so questions you want to ask, ask them to yourself or a colleague. Think about what answer you are trying to get out of them, or what you’re trying to learn about them by asking that question. Try to steer clear of “yes or no” questions unless you’re asking for elaboration on why they answered the way they did. Ask questions that they may not know the answer to and may not have been prepared for, but will make them think and allow them to provide you with an educated guess, so you can see their critical thinking process. Ask what they’re looking for in a position and what difference they see themselves making in the company one year from now.

A good candidate will treat a virtual interview the same way they would an in-person interview. They will have a good posture, dress professionally, be in a quiet environment, and have an appropriate background behind them. They should complete their interview within 48 business hours of receiving the link. If the job they’re applying for is a fully remote role, they should be tech-savvy and should not have any significant issues with their webcam, microphone, or the software during the interview.

If you are interested in the candidate after reviewing their digital interview and would like to move forward in the process, schedule a live interview – either in-person if the role is local or via video conference for a remote position. Continue to evaluate their mannerisms and skills to ensure they are the same person “in real life.”

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