Tips for a successful Digital Interview with the EZHire Application

It’s no secret that these days, job seeking is a competitive market. Your resume needs to be as unique and creative as possible to stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of the employer. Instead of simply relying on a traditional written resume, providing a Digital Interview to potential employers offers more insight […]

With video interviews, you find best hires at fastest pace – your pace

Video interviews take the recruiting process speeding into the 21st century on the wings of technology.Gone are the long hours of reading resumes, searching websites and doing phone interviews. Topcandidates no longer slip through the cracks created by automated technology fixated on key words.Instead, you see candidates on video, answering questions you have chosen. Video interviews […]

Top 10 Benefits of Digital Video Interviews

Video interviewing has grown in popularity dramatically over the past 5 years – over 60% of employers now use some form of digital interviewing in their recruitment process… and the number continues to grow. What is driving this change?  Below is our list of the top 10 benefits of EZHire digital video interviews. Video interviews give companies […]

Amid pandemic, EZHire creates a safe haven for job seekers, employers

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced billions of people to suddenly make dramatic changes in their daily lives — changes they never dreamed would happen: Stay at home, wear masks if you must go out, keep people six feet away, don’t gather in groups. Billions have accepted these burdens.  It is, they believe, a question of […]

The More the Merrier: Tips for Successful Holiday Hiring

It’s that time again! The hustle and bustle of holiday shoppers fill the stores as festive music floats through the air. Packages and cards are being shipped across the globe, and families prepare their homes and hearts for holiday traditions. This is the busiest time of the year for many businesses, which means it’s all-hands-on-deck […]

How to Be a Successful Virtual Recruiter

Recruiters know that you can learn a lot from a person based on how they act before, during, and after an interview. How personable were they on the phone? How flexible was their schedule? What time did they show up? What were they wearing? How was their eye contact and handshake? Did they follow up […]

4 Key Steps to Crafting the Perfect Job Ad

Gone are the days of job postings pinned to the bulletin board in a coffee shop or supermarket. Now, everything is online, and every job posting is formatted the same when you use an online job board resource. So, how do you make your position stand out when it’s the same shape, size, and color […]

You Don’t Need to Do 1st Round Interviews

Have you ever wished you could skip to the end and find out what happens – when most decisions have been made, and life’s a little easier? With EZHire, you can do that in your hiring process! You can skip the 1st round interviews and wait until we provide you with the best of the […]